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Manufacturer Newisys
Device NA-1400
CPU Intel 80219
Speed 600 MHz
RAM/Expandable 256MB/512MB
RAM type 333MHz ECC DDR
Flash 16 MB
USB 2.0/1.1 2/-
RS-232 -
OS Linux 2.6
boot Redboot
Network subsystem
Controller Intel
10/100/1000 2
10/100 -
jumbo frames yes
Network filesystem
SMB yes
CIFS yes
XFS yes
HTTP yes
CIM Client yes
FTP/Anonymous FTP yes/yes
iSCSI no
Storage subsystem
Interface S-ATA I
Controller Intel 31244
Ports 4
Hotswap yes
RAID levels 0, 1, 5
OCE2 no
RLM3 no
Filesystem XFS
RAID-5 (read/write) 18-22/5-19
Dimensions HxWxD(mm) 220 x 170 x 260
Weight (kg) 3.6
Max. power (Watt) 130

2) Online Capacity Expansion. With this feature a raid configuration can use the additional space when an extra harddisk is added without losing data.
3) Raid Level Migration. This feature allows the user to change the RAID level without losing data.

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