Below is a list of standard features provided by the NA-1400 as reported by Newisys in various webpages and documents. Basically, your standard marketing blabla.

  • 640 GB, 1.0 TB, 1.6 TB and 2.0 TB models (and an barebone model without harddisks)
  • Four hot-swap SATA I high-capacity disk drives
  • Intel® xScale® processor with Linux®-based operating system for reliability and compatibility
  • Print server (USB).
  • External USB disk.
  • Access control list.
  • File sharing.
  • System monitoring and reporting.
  • Web-based user interface.
  • Linux®-based operating system with user-friendly GUI for installation and management activities.
  • Journaling file system.
  • Two USB ports on the front panel for easy connection with digital media devices.
  • Flexible host connection via GigE RJ45 Ethernet and/or USB port.
  • Two GigE RJ45 Ethernet ports on the rear panel for direct-attach or Ethernet-based host connection.
  • Locking front bezel protects against unwanted hot-plug disk removal and attach point on rear panel accommodates optional Kensington style security devices.
  • Supports the following network protocols: SMB/CIFS (Windows) and FTP.
  • Available in English, Japanese, French, German, Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.
  • Software RAID levels 0, 1 and 5 available, with RAID management tools.
  • User & Group management in Local (with ApplianceView) or Native (using Active Directory Services) or Mixed (using a Primary Domain Controller) security modes.
  • Folders & Sharing management with Access Control Lists.
  • Large Network Support.
  • WINS Server service available.
  • Wizard based installer for easy server setup.
  • Lower peak power requirements by using a staggered HDD spin-up implementation.


Below is a list of optional features. Don’t know what Newisys means by this, but it could mean you can buy this seperately.

  • Win2000 active directory service.
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