This page contains a list of know resellers of the Newisys NA-1400. It also contains a table showing the cost per GB when the NA-1400 is equiped with different size harddisks.

Below is an table which roughly indicates the price of different configurations:

Price_(Euro) Description
Barebone 560 This is a version without harddisks. Note: the NA-1400 needs a special image stored on one of the harddisks to function properly (See Master Disk).
Master Disk 208 This is a specially prepared harddisk. It has an image containing additional software.
1000 GB 1030 This is a pre-assembled version containing four 250 GB harddisks and is ready to run.
1600 GB 1580 This is a pre-assembled version containing four 400 GB harddisks and is ready to run.
2000 GB 2056 This is a pre-assembled version containing four 500 GB harddisks and is ready to run.
Prices including FAT as of 2006-04-19

Where to buy

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What to buy

Below is some information about the difference in price between a complete system and a D.I.Y. (do it yourself) version.

Complete systems

While it is possible to buy a barebone version without harddisks, it is really simpler to buy a complete version with pre-installed harddisks. This is due to the fact that there is an extra image stored on one of the harddisks which contains additional software. One could buy a barebone version and seperate harddisks and then manually add the image but this requires a lot of time (e.g. steps required for the procedure and building the RAID-5 partition) and effort. Therefore it is cheaper to buy a pre-installed version, eventually a pre-installed version will cost approximately equally as much as a barebone version with seperate disks.


Below is a table which compares prices of a barebone version using different combinations of harddisks (I assume you will allways combine the NA-1400 with four harddisks.) Generally a NAS device (especially RAID devices) allways use four harddisks of the same size. Note: the required image containing additional software has to be manually installed.

The following formulas have been used:
Total price = barebone price + (price per disk * 4)
Cost per GB = total cost / total amount of GB

Storage space (GB) Price (EURO)
single disk Total RAID-5 barebone single disk Total Per GB
160 640 480 560 69 836 1.31
200 800 600 560 80 880 1.10
250 1000 750 560 89 916 0.92
300 1200 900 560 105 980 0.82
400 1600 1200 560 201 1364 0.85
500 2000 1500 560 287 1708 0.85
Prices as of 2006-04-12 including FAT, based on the cheapest SATA Seagate Barracuda harddisks in each size

The above table shows that, although the total cost of a complete NAS is lowest, choosing very cheap harddisks will skyrocket the price per GB. It also shows you’ll get the lowest price per GB when you use 300GB harddisks. If you want to choose between using 400 or 500 GB disks (or just want to achieve the largest storage space possible), you can safely choose the 500 GB version as they cost the same per GB.

Please note that harddisk manufacturers use the ISO standard for indicating the capacity of their harddisks, which means that 1 GB is equal to 1000* 1000 * 1000 bytes. Most operating systems and memory manucaturers calculate 1 GB as 1024 *1024 * 1024 bytes (which is actually incorrect, 1024 * 1024 bytes is 1 GiB). Therefore an operating system will report less free space then what you would expect.

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