The systemboard is the heart of the NA-1400. It contains the CPU, memory, network and USB interfaces. Below is an image of the board (Click on the image to get a larger version).


The major components on the mainboard are:

CPU 1 Intel 80219 XScale processor at 600 MHz
Memory 1 Viking VI4cu327228 PC1600 256 MB (placed in a socket thus can be changed)
Ethernet 2 Intel 82541ER gigabit ethernet controller
USB 1 Philips ISP1561 Hi-Speed USB PCI host controller
System controller1 Microchip PIC16F819 microcontroller
Flash 1 Intel 16MB boot flash
Battery 1 ST M4T28-BR12SH 48mAH backup battery including timekeeping crystal.
Serial 1 Maxim MAX3232E RS232 dual serial port tranceivers

Serial port

The two tranceivers provided by the Maxim MAX3232E chip are connected to J5 on the systemboard. The pinout of J5 is:

J5max3232e function description
1 nc not connected
2 nc
3 13 R1in Data receive first tranceiver
4 7 T2out Data transmit second transceiver
5 14 T1out Data transmit first transceiver
6 8 R2in Data receive second transceiver
7 nc
8 nc
9 15 GND Signal ground
10 nc

This effectively means that the Newisys NA-1400 has two COM ports which can be routed outside (e.g. to the back of the device) and be put in good use. This only requires a hand-made cable consisting of a header, 5-wire flatcable and two 9-pin sub-D connectors (I reused an old 9-wire flatcable often found in old computers).

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